Every great solution begins by listening to our customer's business needs. Then by using our skills and expertise, we fully scope the project and make the best recommendation for development and the right plan for integration and support.

The Avoda Group Commitment

Industry Vertical Solutions


Mobile Solutions - (Beverage Manufacturer / Distributor)

Avoda's development team worked together using the MuleSoft Anypoint platform (RAML based APIs) to unlock data from multiple sources (web services and database) in order to provide real-time mobile engagement. Our client was able to incorporate a mobile platform into their business channels and improve revenue streams by exposing their data via the launch of a mobile application for their distributors and partners. 



Salesforce Adoption - (Higher Education)

Avoda architects built a data import solution utilizing MuleSoft Anypoint Data Gateway and Salesforce Lightning Connect to quickly connect various Oracle databases to SalesForce via OData protocol. We assisted our client to portal numerous data silos and provide access from their SalesForce platform without having to import the data natively which would create data duplication. 



Patient Care Improvement - (Healthcare)

Our client was attempting to improve patient health and guidance by ensuring pharmacists and medical advisers had the most current and accurate information regarding their patients. By introducing MuleSoft API ecosystem and RAML, Avoda Group experts helped our client onboard their pharmacies and advisers in weeks, rather than months.



Modernization - (Manufacturer / Retailer)

By connecting legacy ERP and manufacturing platforms with APIs, Avoda Group designed and integrated a updated, reliable connection to business data without the cost of a forklift solution. We worked with our client to create a path to legacy modernization using a hybrid approach of Amazon AWS (S3, SNS, SQS, Lambda) and MuleSoft RAML / APIs.



Architecture - (E-Commerce)

One of our online retail clients had multiple systems of record for their manufacturing, sales, marketing and shipping organizations. Designing a outcome for real-time data synchronization across Epicor ERP, SalesForce, and Magento; our Avoda team gave this customer a reliable, reusable path to a competitive solution.