Cloud Solutions Practice


Move your business to the cloud with Avoda strategic services
When you embrace the cloud as a core part of your integration strategy, you can have the best of both worlds — the innovation, speed and savings benefits of the cloud and the security and compliance assurances you get from your on-premise environment. Cloud-based applications and services provide a quick way to lower costs, improve collaboration, support new business initiatives and provide self-service capabilities to your employees and business partners.  The challenge lies in connecting your on-premise people, systems, applications and processes to the cloud without compromising enterprise security, privacy, compliance and reliability.
At Avoda Group, we bring a deep understanding of these challenges and a view for what is possible when legacy systems and cloud solutions coexist. We will work with you to define your cloud strategy, identify your roadmap, and design the most effective public, private and hybrid cloud architecture for your IT platform. 



Cloud Advisory
Our cloud advisory services will assist your organization to develop an overall cloud strategy, a detailed cost-benefit analysis, and a procedure for enterprise adoption. Avoda's approach ensures the maximum return on investment (ROI) by conducting Readiness Assessments, Service Assessments, and Risk and Security Assessment.
Cloud Applications
Avoda group has extensive experience in developing cloud applications on industry leading partner platforms such as Salesforce, AWS and Microsoft Azure. We develop custom applications that leverage cloud application infrastructure and migrate legacy applications in order to provide platform agility, speed-to-market and cost savings.
Cloud Integration
As enterprises leverage SaaS solutions and start moving application workloads to public cloud, the need for the integration of the public cloud and on-premise systems grows. Avoda experts leverage proven technologies for integrating data regardless of where applications are deployed and we implement an enterprise wide plan to fit your goals.
Cloud Migration
We offer cloud migration services through a repeatable methodology and a reference architecture to plan and migrate applications, data, operating systems and configurations − based on your requirements. Harness the SaaS benefits of public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure with shorter timelines and lower costs.